How you can help save Muings Lace School

Give your time or loan memories:

Your generous help and goodwill are needed to save Muings Lace School.
Please help by giving your time, support, administrative talents, memories, loans of old photos and so on. Contact Helen Moreau, Fís na Muingi-Iorras Chairperson, using the Contact us page on this website.

Leave a message of support on our Forum:

Several thousand people, from all over the world, have already visited this web site and many have send an email of support. It is important for us to record and be able to easily demonstrate the overwhelming support we are receiving for this initiative. To this effect we have now created a secure Forum where you can register and leave your messages of support and encouragement.

Spread the word:

We would also appreciate if you could mention our web site wherever you can, we need to be known far and wide, the more pressure we can exert on the powers that be, the better for our project.

We need the interest and support of women's groups, guilds and so on, part of our project includes the re-introduction of knitting and Irish crochet lace workshops along with other traditional crafts.

Thank you.